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Welcome to Redbird Sports

Custom fitting is a comprehensive process. Our proven method – CustomFit•A3x – ensures a complete analysis of your physical attributes, ability, and goals to determine your needs and the optimal set of specifications for your golf equipment.

CustomFit•A3x. Fit to your – Anatomy, Ability, Aspirations – to deliver optimal performance.

There are a series of questions related to each of the three "A's" – in total, 28 questions, of which 14 are required.

Before you start the CustomFit•A3x evaluation, it might be a good idea to prepare the following required body measurements:

measurment examples
  1. Height
  2. Distance from floor to tip of middle finger
  3. Leg inseam length
  4. Wrist to tip of middle finger
  5. Length of middle finger

Once you have completed/submitted your evaluation, your optimal custom fit information will be emailed to you, usually within two business days.

Note that although this information will be specific to RedBird, it may also be useful for applying to other golf club brands.

Please select the following two settings and begin your CustomFit•A3x evaluation.

1) Select units of measure you will use*


2) You play golf*

left handed or right handed